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Lexique de gros mots russes.

Alya-ulyu - train left.
Ashnak - poor person.
Bayda - nonsense
Bardak - The place, where many bards are assembled
Bashlya - payment with available money
Bukhar - Drunkard
Vzgrev - Extreme degree of pleasant surprise.
Vkurit - to understand anything
Vtulyat -, to offer explanation of, to teach
Vtyukhat - to sell any murnyu.
Goushou Demostratsiya -procession, parade
Dobaklanit'sya - to agree
Hedgehog - the vodka mixed with the beer
Zhuzhu - the tape recorder
Zachmorit - to insult, to offend, to humble.
Io - foolish and obstinate person, donkey.
Kandybat - to go
Lopukhnut'sya - , to make stupidity
Mordant - person of feminine sex
Screwdriver - vodka, mixed from pepsi
Popolamno - is unimportant
Telik - television set
Khavchik - all possible food
Chirik - ten rubles
Chuvapit - to walk
EMZHO - toilet
epidersiya - Incomprehensible, unidentified thing or situation
Yuzer - User of computer
yaga - Mom